Training Overview

Training Milestones

Most successful come from within

Registration Open - Classroom registration will be open - 6/5/17

Super User & Manager Training - ONLY Super Users (SU) & Managers - 9/5 thru 9/22/17

End User Training - End User Training - 9/25 thru 11/3/17

Provider Personalization Labs - Customize preferences and much more - 10/9 thru 11/10/17

The Parts of Training

What makes it all happen

Training Tracks - Training Tracks being assigned to the user in alignment with their Epic role removes chances to sign up for wrong/unnecessary classes.

  • Each track has mandatory eLearning which will cover basic fundamentals not covered in class
  • Classes must be taken in order (ex: Provider 200 can not be taken before Provider 100, etc.)

Training Times

  • eLearning varies from 15 minutes total up to approximately 2.5 hours depending on role.
  • Total amount spent in end user classroom training will range from 2 - 20 hours depending on the role with Super Users having an additional 8 hours to cover their Just in Time Training as well as their Classroom Assist requirement.


  • Department Managers will be responsible for making sure all of their staff is registered for their training.
  • Managers can register staff themselves via the registration spreadsheet we will be providing to them via email so they can register all of them at one time for scheduling purposes.
  • Managers can have their staff take advantage of onsite registration days (dates to be posted on website).
  • Registrations and questions can be addressed at UCePICTraining@hs.uci.edu

Tracking End-User Training

  • Through UC Learning we will be able to track progress of eLearning, classroom training and assessment success. Manager's can track their team members as well.
  • A report will be sent to the Security team at the end of each day. Only people who have successfully completed the full curriculum will be granted access to the system.

Proficiency Assessments

  • Learners will log into UC Learning system in class to take their assessments.
  • True/False and Multiple Choice.
  • Score of 80% required to gain access to system.
  • In the small event that someone doesn't pass the first time, they have a total of 3 attempts. They have the opportunity to review what they are stuck in by going into the open lab and working with the trainer on duty. If after the 3rd attempt someone is still unsuccessful, attending training again would be required.

Super User Program

Those wonderful people you can always count on

Super Users

  • Assist in other classes as the roaming person helping others navigate.
  • Return to training for Just in Time training two weeks prior to go live. This class will deliver to them all of the changes that the build team has created since their early training.
  • Commitment: 8-20 hours of training, 4 hours doing a classroom assist and should be off the patient schedule the 3 weeks of Go Live.
  • For those 2-3 weeks SUs need to be able to share their time with everyone in the department so removing them from patient care is a must so keep that in mind when you are choosing Super Users.

Specialists Training Specialists

Peers sharing their expertise

Specialist Provider Training

  • Providers will complete required eLearning covering the basics of functionality not fully being covered in the classroom. Approximately 2 hours.
  • AMB Provider 100 & IP Provider 100 classes, each 2 hours in length, will be taught by the UCePIC training staff
    • Highlight key points of the system functionality.
    • Pick up where the eLearning left off and actually navigate you through the system.
  • Specialty Provider 200 classes, 4 hours in length, will be taught by specialists in the areas each class attendee needs to work within. EX: Surgery Provider 200 will be taught by a Surgeon who can navigate you through the system by using work case scenarios and provide you specialty specific exercises that give you that customized training you need. Exception to 4 hours is for an AMB & IP Provider, their 200 class will be 6 hours.

Personalization Labs

Using what you've learned to customize

It's all about you...No, really it is

  • Personalization Labs, staffed by Trainers and Super Users, will be scheduled from 10/9/17 through Go-Live and the first couple of weeks after.
  • You will want to encourage every provider to take full advantage of this opportunity
    • Help personalize their workspace by logging into actual production.
    • Answer any specific questions they may have in regards to specialty-specific content.
    • Help with short cuts that can increase productivity.


Practice, Practice, Practice...

Playground Environment (PLY)

  • Filled with fictitious users and patients, within the playground you will be able to practice everything you have been taught.
  • Managers need to encourage their staff to practice a little each week so they don't forget what they have learned before Go-Live.

Late Arrivers and Early Leavers

Attendance is Critical...

Late Arrivers

  • People arriving late disrupt the flow of the class and create a disservice to the people who arrived on time.
  • To be flexible a 15 minute grace period exists. Outside of 15 minutes the attendee will need to reschedule.

Early Leavers

  • The assessment is given at the end of the course. Leaving early would cause the attendee to miss it. Causing them to re-take the course in it's entirety.

Experienced Epic Users

Been There Done That...

There will be cases where people will come to us from another institution already using Epic. Their experience is very important and making sure we capitalize on having that different viewpoint on staff is a great asset.

Basics being just that, basic...we can give them an assessment which will assist us in gauging the level of their experience and allow us to place them in the right curriculum. Should they pass the accelerated assessment with an 80% we can then place them in the Accelerated Track for that role. Contact UCePICTraining@hs.uci.edu to schedule Experienced User Assessment available beginning May 15th.


AMB/IP Surgeon Training Track

eLearning: ~ 2.5 hours

AMB Surgeon 100: 2-3 hours

IP Surgeon Provider 100: 2-3 hours

AMB/IP Surgeon Provider 200: 6 hours

Total time: 12.5-14.5 hours

Accelerated AMB/IP Surgeon Training Track

Previous Epic User Assessment - Surgeon: ~ 1 hour

AMB/IP Surgeon Provider 200: 6 hours

Total Time: 7 hours

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