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Hope & Help Gala

Hope & Help Gala
Saturday, September 19, 2015
The Resort at Pelican Hill
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Please read about the recent Measles outbreak in our community and recommendations that may be helpful to your family. Read more...


What you should know:

As most families know, there is a measles outbreak in our community. Measles is a virus that spreads quickly and easily from person to person. An illness with measles varies from a high fever, rash and cold symptoms to more severe symptoms. Children AND adults can develop pneumonia, brain inflammation and damage or die. The only effective protection against measles is the vaccination 'shot' (called the MMR). This is typically given at 12-15 months of age and at 4-5 years of age before kindergarten. One vaccine dose typically works 95% of the time. Over 99% of children and adults who receive two vaccinations will be protected. Some adults (born before 1957) should have natural immunity.


Check your child's and your own vaccination schedule. This information is on shot records (like the 'yellow card' kept at a child's school, or in an adult or child's medical records at their primary doctor). Get measles vaccine if you or your children are not up to date. If you are worried about your child's risk of side effects because of their developmental condition, we can review the specifics at a visit or by phone. You can also speak with your primary care physician. Nearly all adults are not at risk from the MMR. If they get their own MMR they are less at risk to bring home the illness to their children. Also, adults can lose 3 weeks of work if they are exposed to measles and cannot show that they have been protected by the vaccination or by proof from the blood test. Do not come to a doctor’s office or clinic if you are ill, or you have a child with a fever (and especially a fever and rash). Call our staff to discuss the necessary steps. If you and your child are well and seeking vaccination, call your primary care doctor or local clinic. The vaccine and visit is usually free. Free and reduced price vaccinations for children may be available in Orange County at the OC Health Care Agency 1725 W. 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA. 92706. The phone number for appointments is: 1-800-914-4887. Adults can seek free or low cost medical services through the member agencies of the Coalition for Community Clinics at:

Printable document: English
Vaccine Statement from Autism Speaks here

We have moved to 2500 Red Hill Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705.
Announcement Letter: English ; Spanish

*NEW* Fall 2015 Autism Education Series starts Tuesday, September 29, 2015.

This is an innovative, multi-week educational series designed primarily for parents of young children who are newly diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Parents, family members and professionals are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Flyer: English ; Spanish

Please check out these new trainings being offerred by The Center:

Potty Training 101: flyer
Morning & Night Time Routines: flyer
Managing Tantrums: flyer
Feeding and Mealtime Challenges: flyer

Sponsorship Application: ENGLISH ; SPANISH

Space is limited for these classes so please register early.

For more information or to register, contact our Education & Training Coordinator at or 949-267-0471.

Our awesome developmental-behavioral pediatrician, Dr. Peter Chung, offers some great insight and advice in this "Got Questions?" Autism Speaks blog!

Check it out!

We are so proud to be part of Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network! In this blog, our very own Jeanne Anne Carriere discusses how The Center is supporting families and thinking outside the box when it comes to autism and diagnosis!

Check it out!

Announcing 2015 Workshop Dates for Art4Healing at the Center for Autism. These 2-hour fun workshops teach children how to express feelings with color by working with acrylic paints on canvas. The class is geared towards children 9-14 years. Space is limited. Please see flyer below.

At the Center
Flyer: English pdf

At The Studio (Laguna Hills)
Flyer: English pdf

The Chapman Ability Project and The Center have created monthly parent trainings to provide easy-to-understand information about Special Ed.

Flyer: English pdf

Parents, family members, and professionals are welcomed and encouraged to attend our Autism Education Series: an innovative, 6-week educational series designed primarily for parents of young children who are newly diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Winter 2015 dates just released. Week 1 begins on Tuesday, January 27, 2015. See flyer below.

Flyer: English pdf ; Spanish pdf

Congratulations to our team! The Center for Autism received THREE grants from Autism Speaks - we are so proud!
The grants were awarded to our Clinical Psychologist, Jean Gehricke, Ph.D. who received funding for his Therapy-Assisted LEGO Classes; to Amy Griffiths, Ph.D., Director of our F.A.S.T. program, for transition services for youth with ASD in our community; and to Jeanne Anne Carriere, Director of our C.A.P. program, for providing education, support, and training to families in Santa Ana.

A huge thank you to Bonnie and Sherwin Gillman for their generous gift to The Center for Autism. Bonnie and Sherwin's gift will allow the Center to jumpstart an innovative new Information and Referrals Program, geared to connect families to autism-related services within the community. We are incredibly grateful to the Gillmans for their vision and commitment to the Center!

Pilot study in Three Modes of SensoryPaint is currently recruiting children, ages 10-14, with symptoms similar to or a formal diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or other neurodevelopmental disorders. Read more...

The UCI Department of Informatics and The Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders are conducting a pilot study of a Kinect based software called SensoryPaint. The research will take place in a 2-hour session at the Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders. The children will be invited to use SensoryPaint and give the researchers feedback about their experiences. Parents are also welcome to participate in the interview portion of the session.

Subjects will be financially compensated for their participation; subjects will receive $50.00 for attending the session.

If you are or your child is interested in participating in this study, please contact us at:

Kate: 360-601-3112,
Flyer: pdf ; web

UC Irvine Magazine: Summer 2013
Spotlight on autism: Helping families face the journey; Tech support for caregivers; and Reaching children through dance.
Click here to read current issue.

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in this year's inaugural AppJam and special congratulations to the team who created this year's winning application "Visual Reader." Read about the event HERE ; AppJam website

Prentice School Screening of James Redford's HBO documentary "The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia" Read more...

Based in Santa Ana, the Prentice School is a small non-profit, catering exclusively to children with language based learning differences. On Thursday, May 16th, the school is hosting a screening of James Redford's HBO documentary "The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia." This film not only clears up some of the misconceptions about the condition, but also paint a picture of hope for all those who struggle with it.

The Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Southern California is proud to partner with The Prentice School in generating awareness and support for a school which provides the finest research-based education to those children who need it.

Flyer: pdf

2013 UC Irvine Health School of Medicine Gala Read here...

Bill and Nancy Thompson, Major Advocates of Pioneering Autism Research and Treatment,
to Receive Dean's Leadership Award at Night of 'Creativity & Magic' at UC Irvine

Fundraising Gala Will Bring Together School of Medicine Supporters
as They Celebrate Groundbreaking Research and Innovations in Education

Retired PIMCO CEO Bill Thompson and his wife, Nancy, will be honored for their extraordinary support of pioneering research and treatments for autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders during the 2013 UC Irvine Health School of Medicine Gala. Themed "Creativity & Magic: Discovering Tomorrow's Medicine Today," the special evening will bring together School of Medicine supporters in a celebration of the groundbreaking medical research and innovative education programs at UC Irvine that are shaping the future of healthcare.

Dr. Donnelly has been selected to receive the 2013 Healthcare Professional Spotlight Award by the Regional Center of Orange County.

For more about his award, please visit this link.

Please see the message from the Director regarding the expansion of our center.


Join our Monthly Newsletter!
July 2013 Newsletter

Upcoming Classes

Autism Education Series - Spring 2015 Read more about this series...

Week 1 Beginning - Tuesday - May 5, 2015- 6:00 to 8:00 PM

This is an innovative, multi-week educational series designed primarily
for parents of young children who are newly diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Parents and professionals are welcomed and encouraged to attend!

• What is Autism?
• Regional Center and Special Education programs
• The A,B,C’s of Behavior
• Speech & Language Interventions
• Autism & Family Dynamics
• and YOUR Questions!

Please see our flyer for more information:
English: pdf
Español: pdf


For more infomation about education services for families please click here

The transition to adulthood can be both difficult and exciting for young adults with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Our F.A.S.T team is offering an innovative series for young adults ages 16-22 on the basic skills required to successfully transition to adulthood. Please see flyer for more details.

No current session is progress.
Flyer: English pdf ; English web

Monthly Support Group - Read more about our monthly support group...

Our center offers a support group to parents and caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities. Please join us!

The support group focuses on parent and caregiver experiences, successes, challenges, and family impact. We encourage families to attend the Autism Education Series or similar parent educational programs before attending this group. Everyone is welcome.

To join our support group, please call, email or turn in this form(pdf) and hand it in to the front desk at our office, or send it via fax to 949-221-0004.

If you are interested in a monthly email reminder about the group and information about other educational and family programs, please provide your email address.

Please see our flyer for more information.


Research News

Coming soon


Please check out our joint publication with OCDE and RCOC called
Autism News of Orange County (ANOC)

Derek Paravicini Visits The Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Southern California (April 5, 2013) Read here...

Called the Human iPod for his ability to recall any piece of music and play it in any style or key, blind autistic savant Derek Paravicini took requests and showcased his world renowned genius at the piano on Friday, April 5, 2013 at the Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Southern California. (link to video footage HERE)

Paravicini has wowed national audiences on television programs such as "60 Minutes" and the "Discovery Channel" and at live concerts with the Royal Philharmonic Pops in London. This was a rare U.S. appearance for the UK-born phenom, during a 3-day tour on the UCI campus designed to raise awareness and generate support for autism.

Please see our parent ambassador, Jo Ashline's blog about the event.

See the public service announcement, “Hire Me,” which promoted the employment of persons with autism and other developmental disabilities.

See pictures from the private screening of “Through the Heart of Tango,” a remarkable documentary about a group of young adults with developmental disorders learning to bond through tango.

Mr. Thompson and The Center in the OC Register. OC Metro article Please see the article about our center in OC Metro.

PBS SoCal Real Orange interview about The Center with Dr. Donnelly. (video)

See the feature on Mr. Thompson and The Center in the OC Register.

Mr. Thompson and The Center in the OC Register.

The Center for Autism & Neurodevelopment Disorders of Southern California Press Release. December 13, 2012 (pdf)

OC Register Article: UCI receives $14 million for autism work- Published: Dec. 12, 2012. OC Register Article

Standing up to autism article from UCI (link)



2500 Red Hill Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705
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